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Eye Camps


In the eye camps, SHARE sends an ophthalmology team with a fully equipped mobile medical unit, and thousands of different prescription glasses to poverty stricken areas to provide everyone with prescription glasses, general eye care and eye drops, and to date, has performed 24 free cataract surgeries. 

In 2018 and 2019, SHARE held 11 camps, where each camp helped between 200 to 250 people. With COVID in 2020, we had to take a break from running the camps, but we’re working to raise funds and start running them again.

Clear sight does so much more than help them see clearly. It helps kids learn how to read and pursue an education, it helps parents earn more for their family, it helps us appreciate life better.

Impact of your donation: It takes approximately 300-450$ to run a medical camp, and with your help, we aim to set up a permanent clinic that can take care of not only eye related issues, but general medical care as well.